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Alex 1986

Alex 2003

This website is being created to celebrate my son, Alex and his continuous struggle to fit into the world we live in.  

Alex has autism.  When he was little, Alex had no interest in anything or anyone around him until he discovered Disney cartoons and movies.  It was little things at first, color and movement, and before long he was mimicking song words.  Alex would watch the movies over and over again until he knew the dialogue almost word for word.  This had quite an effect on him and his daily life.  Somehow Disney reached Alex and as a result of that first step, he slowly began noticing people and taking an interest in the world around him.  With  time Alex changed from the totally unresponsive and distant child, to the loving 18 year old he is today.  

Alex works hard every day to achieve the little things that we take for granted and he is succeeding.  Each day is a challenge and Alex tackles it with a smile and a great sense of humor.  Alex's life is a continuing success story, one that his family is proud to be a part of.  

Keep on working and dreaming, Alex.
You have come a long way and the journey never ends.  
I love you and I am very proud of you!

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